Bet365 Casino Review


Game Options

Bet365 has one of the widest ranges of games throughout their casino which makes it very appealing to all kind of customers. If you are on a IOS software, you will have slightly more to play on than you would if you had an android or tablet. However, on an Android or tablet, you will still have a massive range of games, bigger than any other online casino.

Bet365’s casino offers a game for everyone. They have all kind of games such as slot games, card games, table games and poker. As well as these, they also offer live card dealer games and poker games for the players that would rather go down that route.

The apps and software are free to download to everyone that wants to get involved, but you will have to play with real money once there. The games will not let you play until you have funded your account.



Promotions and Bonus’

When you sign up for Bet365 poker, you will be eligible for the sign-up offer. For this is is quite simple, your first deposit will be doubled with anything up to £100. For example, if you firstly deposit £30, you will have £60 to play with.

You may sometimes get some promotions that you can have. If so, you will receive a message from Bet365, which will be found in the top right-hand corner.


Deposit and Withdrawal

When depositing, you will not get charged for the action. It will also be instant, meaning you can get straight into the game you want to play. There are many different ways you can deposit, which will be listed below.

When withdrawing, you will not be charged for the action, but it will not instantly happen. If your money is going into your bank account, you may have to wait between 2-5 days for the payment to go through.




Payment methods

Visa Electron

If you are more of a sportsbook person and have your money in there, you can quickly enough to transfer it into the casino to give it a go. This is how it is done: Services > History > Bank, there you will find the option to transfer your money into a different part of Bet365.

Support and Security

Bet365 does not mess around when it comes to security. You should never feel that your money is in the wrong hands when gambling with these bookmakers. They use a software called Thawte SSL which goes through all data regularly to make sure nothing is going on.

If there is something that you think is wrong with your account, you can contact Bet365 in many ways. The most used is the live chat as it is 24/7 and instantly replies. You can also contact them by email, phone call and even mail.