Ladbrokes Casino Review

Ladbrokes Casino Review


Ladbrokes have been around for an extremely long time. They were firstly founded all the way back in 1886 as a commissioned agent at Worcester She’s Ladbrokes Hall. Since then they have grown and grown more rapidly than any other bookmaker in the world and are now one of the most used sites you will hear and one of the most talked about betting companies. They have had over a century of experience in this kind of industry, and boy you can tell. You can see they have put so much work into the quality of the website and make it a better place to be as possible. The casino is yet another feature they have added, which is just another thing which will appeal to many customers worldwide.








Playtech is one of the most used software for casinos with a bookmaker, and it has a good reason for that. Online casinos have been around since 1999 and since then Playtech have worked so hard to get it to the best quality. Playtech run a number of the biggest online casinos and Ladbrokes is one of them. This means you are guaranteed to have high quality when playing.

With this software, it makes it incredibly easy to get around the site, as well as offering you best possible graphics. This makes you feel like it’s something you want to do when taking part on the Ladbrokes casino.


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Ladbrokes make sure the quality of the casino is the same for whatever device you are playing on at any time. They work hard not to concentrate on just one specific part, like the desktop. They make it so you can play it at any time, in any place with the same quality. When using Casino on your mobile, you’re offered great features, and it is easy to get around. If you own an IOS device, it is slightly better. However, Androids and other phones are still great quality.


If you own an Apple device, there are three different apps you can download which will do different things on the website. Sports betting is where you’ll find all the games coming up which you want to bet on. There are games such as casino, slots roulette, etc. Also, there is the Ladbrokes exchange which is another popular part of the company. If you don’t have an Apple phone, there is no problem at all. The best way to find these things on other phones is through the browser. Then from there you will be able to see the site in a desktop view or the mobile view.





Whether you are on the site on your mobile device or desktop, the site is very well laid out with directions clearly stating where you should go and what you should do for different scenarios. The site is quick at responding to commands that you give, which appeals to customers. The design is constant wherever you go throughout the site which gives it a professional look.


The site also has things such as drop down taps which is where you can see live stats and statistics. This only adds to the excitement of betting which is another great feature Ladbrokes offer. Depending on what you prefer, it’s so easy to change between fractional and decimal odds as people see odds differently. There are 20 languages you can choose to change, which gives you the right to add a bit of personalization.




Gaming Options


As mentioned, Playtech is the company that helped to build-up Ladbrokes. This is what they used to showcase games for game developers to help out. There are a lot of different companies that will assist with the games, a couple of these are Net Entertainment and IGT. These guys provide Ladbrokes with the most slot games which go down very well with customers. They provide the highest quality you can get making it a great place to play your games.


One of the biggest things that bring customers into the Ladbrokes casino is the variety you get. They offer some games that other bookmakers won’t have, and most possibly provide a variety of games than other bookmakers. The site has many different options for you to play including slot games, card games, roulette and much more.



Promotions and Bonus’


Ladbrokes offer some of the best promotions in the bookmaker world. It is very rare when they don’t have an offer up. They have offers for every sport, so any sport you follow, they will have an offer for you. There is also an option to turn on alerts to receive promotions if you would like to.

Ladbrokes possibly have the best offer when it comes to Casino. They offer a 100% matched offer with anything up to a massive £500. So if you deposit £500 the first time you go onto Ladbrokes Casino, you will have £1000 to play with, and that’s a lot of money.


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Deposit and Withdrawal


When depositing or withdrawing, you will not be charged a penny. Your money will go into your betting account instantly, but when withdrawing money, you will have to wait 2-5 days for it to show in your account. Ladbrokes offer many ways for you to deposit and withdraw, here is the list:








Visa Electron





Support and Security


There are many different ways that Ladbrokes will help you to get the best possible experience. If you have a slight problem, they offer some FAQ, which is where the most common questions are put with answers. If you find that your answer is not there for you, there is customer support 24/7 for you via live chat, phone or email.